Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Pathfinder?

The Entire Subject is taught in a concept driven, exam oriented manner in a comfortable and conducive Academic Environment.

Majority of the chapters are conducted via Audio Visual Presentations. These presentations are not the generic versions available in the market and have been painstakingly prepared as per the Maharashtra State and CBSE prescribed NCERT syllabus. This helps in clarity of concepts and better long term retention of the topic.

The Notes given to the Student are also prepared as per the Maharashtra State and CBSE prescribed NCERT syllabus.

Lectures are conducted only in a small batch of up to 20 students so that every student can be given personal attention.

We conduct the highest number of tests, ensuring that the test papers are prepared according to the HSC and Entrance Examination Patterns.

Answer papers of all the Theory tests conducted throughout the course are personally corrected by the professor himself.

Professional Performance Analysis is done for all the students on a regular basis, which helps to pinpoint their problem areas. Their strengths as well as short comings are properly analyzed and they are guided towards continuous Improvement.

Test Schedule

The following type of test are conducted throughout the Academic Cource:


Mini Tests: Before lecture. (HSC Pattern)

Chapter Tests: On completion of every chapter. (HSC/CET)

Monthly Tests: On completion of every 3 chapters. (HSC/CET)

Prelim Tests: On completion of entire Syllabus. (HSC/CET)

Note: A detailed Test Time Table is sent to the Parent on regular basis

Monthly Merit List

A Merit List with the Names and Marks of the Student's that have got the heighest marks in all test conducted in a given month is put up on the Notice Board and is set to each Parent at the end of the Month


Parent Teacher Interactions

A minimum of 5 Parent-Teacher Meetings are onducted at Strategic Points throughout the Academic Cource, so the parents are briefed and updated about Syllabus completion, Test schedules and Student's performance.
In addition to this, PathFinder's professors are just a phone call away in case you have any concerns or questions which need to be addressed personally


Study Material

A set of authentic, comprehensive and concise notes in the form of professionally printed books will be provides to all the students. Yhese notes have been compiled and prepared as per guidelines provided by the Maharashtra State and CBSE prescribed NCERT syllabus. They contain illustrative hand drawn diagrams as well as previously asked Board Examination Question.
The Study Material provided for the Entrance Examination have more than 30,000 MCQs for exhaustive practice